In total, the UK contribution to ICOS can be broken down into the following constituent elements:

Physical observing systems

Ocean Thematic Centre

Financial Costs


Benefits of the UK becoming a part of ICOS

By becoming a fully paid member of ICOS the UK will benefit from access to:

- Harmonised cutting-edge GHG measurement techniques and processes,

Up-to-date information on the activities in ICOS RI,

Support for station instrumentation, protocols and training,

Harmonized and processed data from world class monitoring stations,

EU capital funding available through the EU Infrastructure roadmap,

National capital funding available through the UK RI roadmap.


More specifically the UK will benefit in the following ways:
  • The UK science community as a whole will participate in the allocation of capitalleveraging of EU funding and GHG accounting at a European level,
  • Individual UK monitoring stations will have access to the EU ICOS infrastructure and the associated benefits of the CAL, Thematic Centres and Carbon Portal, on a station by station basis,
  • UK scientists will create new, and maintain existing, strong research collaborations with other European scientists. These collaborations and research will keep the UK at the forefront of global GHG research,
  • Enable the UK to continue its leading role in international climate change science, engaging and influencing national and international policy and governmental negotiations